Playstation Plus Users Get Darksiders Tomorrow

The North American Playstation Plus is slowly catching up with its European counterpart as, starting January 15, 2013, anyone who’s subscribed to Sony’s service will obtain access to the first Darksiders game, along with a discount to Star Drone. If anyone hasn’t played Darksiders yet, it’s about time to start as it’s a fantastic Zelda-like experience, just with more guts and gore.

Why I say we’re catching up with the European PS+ is mainly because Darksiders was available seven months, along with a fury of large budget games. These include Red Dead Redemption, Vanquish, Batman Arkham City, and many more. While we’re not lacking in content and this is a subjective perspective, it would be nice to see more games such as those on the list. It seems like Capcom is the biggest contributor here in North America with Resident Evil 5, Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition and Megaman 9 & 10 being available in the past.


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