PlayStation Store Update Goes Live

Today’s store update brings about some new PS4 releases in the form of Awesomenauts Assemble! for $10 and Dead Nation for $15. The PS3 gets Master Reboot for $15, South Park; The Stick of Truth for $60, and NASCAR ’14 for $50. Vita owners can snag Hatsune Miku Project Diva F for $30, and lovers of PS2 Classics can grab Growlanser: Heritage of War for $10.  Hatsune Miku, The LEGO Movie Videogame, and Killzone: Shadowfall get demos.  The Last of Us: Volume 2 OST is available for $10 as well. Massive discounts hit the Need For Speed games on PS3, as Most Wanted on the Vita and PS3 are $5 each, as are Hot Pursuit, Carbon, and The Run.  Burnout Paradise can be yours for $10, while its Ultimate Edition is $15. Call of Duty: Ghosts can be yours on PS4 for $40, while the Hitman franchise gets a big sale taking every game in it down to beneath $10, and the HD trilogy is $16. Just Cause 2 is down to $8 while a ton of DLC is under $1. Shift 2 Unleashed is $10, while Persona 1 and 2 are $10 each and P3 as a PS2 Classic is $5 and its portable version is $10.  Tomb Raider on the PS1 is $3.50, while its sequels are $2.50.