Pre-Order Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon on Gamefly, Get it For $12

If you’re excited about the ’80s-a-riffic Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, then you’ll want to snag it not only on day one, but for the lowest price possible. Right now, Gamefly’s got the PC download of it for $15 — nothing special there right? However, if you use the promo code GFDAPR20, it will only be $12.  That means for a shade over $10, you’ll be able to bask in the wackiness that is Far Cry 3’s take on the ’80s, complete with scanlines and tons of colors. Also, lots of things exploding and being shot full of bullets. Hopefully, there will be a cheat code to cause purple rain to fall from the sky, or make enemies as cold as ice. Anything involving turtles in a half-shell, Deloreans, or Miami Vice outfits would also be welcome.