PS Store Brings Free Disgaea 3, Patapon Bundle

The PlayStation Store update is now live, and with it comes a slew of deals. Beyond the deals announced yesterday, there are bargains on the recent AM2 fighters that Sega put out and a deal on every Patapon game. Machinarium also debuts on the Vita, while WRC FIA World Rally Championship hits both the Vita and PS3. Terraria makes its console debut on the service today for $15, while A-Men can be yours for $10. The biggest value of the week comes in the form of getting every Patapon game for only $15 – which is quite a deal since just the third game costs $15 on PSN. The SEGA Fight Pack Bundle for $10 isn’t too bad either since it makes Sonic the Fighters essentially free – a worthy cost for that game. The ToeJam and Earl Collection featuring the first two games in the series but not the Xbox’s third installment drops down to $7, and is a must for anyone with a love for wacky early ’90s color schemes and adventure or platforming gaming.


One big coup for PS+ this week is the ability to have a timed trial of the full Bioshock: Infinite game available, as well as Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel. There’s even a new PS2 classic available – Nobunaga’s Ambition: Iron Triangle, which looks like a must for strategy gaming enthusiasts.  PlayStation Move Fitness is now available for $10 as well, and like A-Men, includes a demo. Vita owners craving some kart racing action might want to pick up Sonic and All Stars Racing Transformed, which has had its price halved for the week alongside the Vita version of Super Monkey Ball. If any of this week’s sales appeal to you, feel tree to snatch them up since you get $10 back for every $50 spent on PSN throughout the month of March.