PS Store Update Goes Live – GRiD 2 Free and Escape Plan Hits PS4

This week’s PS store update is one you won’t want to miss. The biggest news items for it are that GRiD 2 is free for PS+ users, while PS4 owners who already own Escape Plan can now enjoy the game on the PS4 at no charge – or for $15 if they don’t already have it.  PS4 owners looking for more free gaming can check out the demo for Tiny Brains, which costs $20 in full. EA’s got their new holiday season games on PS3 for only $50 each – with “bonus holiday edition” stuff like DLC and XP points to get more content.  Rainbow Moon hits PS3 after its vita release and you can get it in a bundle for $22.50, or for $7.50 if you already have it on the Vita, while Stick it to the Man can be yours for $13 in cross-buy form.

Draw Slasher gets its seemingly bi-weekly sale price of $3, while a ton of Persona games can be yours for $10 each. Permanent price drops have hit the Record of Agarest War games as well as Tomb Raider, which can be yours for $30 with a bundle of some sort. BlazBlue: Continuum Shift II is available for $10, while Continuum Shift Extend can be yours for $15.  GrID 2’s DLC also gets a discount for the Classic pack, while the All-in pack gets a rare price increase of $5 taking it to $35. The Holiday Sale takes Defiance down to $2.50 for the basic game or $7.50 for the deluxe version, while Remember Me can be yours for $19, and Ni No Kuni is down to a mere $10. Final Fantasy XIV is also that price, with its CE only costing $5 more – a massive savings from the usual $60 price tag. Rocksmith 2014 can be yours for $30 as well.