Puzzle Quest Galactrix and Challenge of the Warlords $1 on Steam Until Jan. 15

How great is the digital era of gaming? Seriously, you can get great stuff for one dollar now. It’s amazing, and what’s more amazing is that even at $1, people are going to wonder if it’s a good price or not. The Puzzle Quest games have been big hits in the digital era and have breathed new life into puzzle games by applying some RPG gameplay mechanics to the genre. Now, instead of spending $10 for the Galactrix and Challenge of the Warlords entries, you can get them both for only $1 each – that’s a grand total of $2. That price won’t last forever though – it’s part of a 48 hour sale.  Not since the days of Don West pitching products on late-night TV and TNA Impact has there been such a bargain! If you love puzzle games, then snatch these up right now.