Rockstar Games Weekend Hits Steam

Thursday’s still fairly young and we’ve already had two bundles hit. Now, Steam‘s got a massive sale on Rockstar games. For $7.50, LA Noire: The Complete Edition can be yours, while Grand Theft Auto: Complete Pack with III, Vice City, San Andreas, IV, and The Episodes From Liberty City can be yours for $10 total – at an 80% discount. Buying each game individually gets you a 67% discount, so the bundle is definitely the way to go here. Max Payne Complete, with the first three games and the season pass for the third entry is also $10 thanks to an 82% discount, or you can once again get each item for 67% off. Like with the GTA deal, your best overall savings comes from the complete set.  However, if you already have the third game and just want the first two, they can be yours for $3.74, so that’s a solid pickup. Bully: Scholarship Edition is $5, while Midnight Club 2 and Manhunt are $3 each.