Special Biomutant Deal Hits GOG – Includes Shadow Warrior 2 Free

Biomutant has just launched on consoles and PC and GOG has a special deal for folks who buy it. Anyone who buys THQ Nordic’s latest AAA game will also get a free copy of Shadow Warrior 2. This means that one purchase not only gets you an open world action-adventure, but also a top-notch FPS as well.

In addition to this deal, if you buy MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries from GOG, you will also get a free copy of The Surge – the sci-fi Souls-like that delivers a nice, steady challenge. The Biomutant deal runs until June 1, while the MechWarrior 5 deal runs until June 2. In addition to these deals, GOG also has a Ubisoft sale going on alongside their normal weekly sale. It’s rare to see early releases like Biomutant get such a nice value-add so early in its life – especially on GOG where DRM-free gaming helps ensure that if you’re offline, your ability to play the game is never impeded and you don’t have to worry about DRM slowing down your computer.

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