Steam Autumn Sale Day Four Deals Announced

Steam‘s autumn sale is going strong and now allows you to get Chivalry for $6.24 (although it’s available for much less on the Humble Yogscast Bundle), Forced for $7.50, Shadowrun Returns for $9, Amnesia for $10, Splinter Cell: Blacklist for $30, Borderlands 2 for $7.50, Total War Rome II, Batman Arkham City: GOTY Edition for $7.50, and The Witcher 2: Enhanced Edition for $5. Flash sales good for seven more hours include Serious Sam 3 BFG for $4, Dead Space 2 for $5 (perfect for folks who got the Origin Bundle and need this to complete their collection, Max Payne 3 for $4, and Call of Juarez: Gunslinger for $5.