Steam Holiday Sale Day 3 Deals

Steam‘s third day of deals is the weakest so far, although it still has some solid value. Starforge is $10, while Age of Empires II HD Edition is $5 down from $20. The Wolf Among Us can be yours for $17 – although it’s worth noting you’ll be paying in advance for multiple chapters that aren’t available yet. Sleeping Dogs receives a steep 80% discount down to $5, while Star Wars KOTOR II is $ as well. Forced is $7.50, Darksiders II is $10, Ace of Spades Battle Builder is $3.74, and Counter Strike: GO goes from being a flash sale at $3.74 to a daily deal at that price. The present flash sales include The Binding of Isaac for $1.25 – so for less than a bad cup of coffee, you can have that, while XCOM: Enemy Unknown is $10, Craft the World is $10.04, and Deus Ex: Human Revolution: Director’s Cut is down to $5 – easily the best overall value here.