Steam Weeklong Deals Begin

The biggest item on sale is the Tripwire Interactive bundle. This takes 75% off of their total catalog, and gives you The Ball, Rising Storm, Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45, Red Orchestra 2, Killing Floor, a ton of DLC, and Dwarfs!? for $25. The 1C War Games Collection is the second bundle here, and gets you Men of War, Men of War: Red Tide, Men of War: Vietnam, Real Warfare 1242, Real Warfare 2, Theatre of War, Theatre of War 2, Theatre of War 3, and XIII Century – Gold Edition for $14. Spore, its expansion pack, and parts packs can be had for a crazy-low $5 each. Monopoly or Life can be yours for $4, while Pacific Storm Allies is also $4, Command and Conquer 3 is $4, Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3 is $7, Command and Conquer 4 is $7, Earth 2150 is $1.40, MDK 2 is $7.50, while MDK 2 HD is the same price. iBomber Defense is $1.50, Spore is $5, as are its Galactic Adventure expansion and parts packs, Worms Ultimate Mayhem is $5, Zuma Deluxe is $4, March Eagles is $7, Sengoku is $2.50, Jade Empire SE is $5, Geneforge 4 is $4, Deathspank is $4.50, and Dementium II HD is $7.50.

A New Beginning is $2.50, iBomber Defense Pacific, Bionic Dues, Geneforge III is $4, Risk is $4, Scrabble is $4, Titanquest is $4, Necrovision is $5, Saints Row 2 is $3, The Sims Medieval is $10, Geneforge 2 is $4, Stardrive is $7.50, Dangerous Waters is $3.74, Battleship is $4, is is Pacific Storm. Necrovision 1 is $5, Waves is $2.50, Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3 Uprising is $7, Warp is $3, Killing Floor is $5, Geneforge 5 is $4, Jesabel is $3.74, Geneforge 1 is $4, Montague’s Mount is $3, Titanquest is $3.74, Wanderlust is $4, Storm in a Teacup is $1.50, and iBomber Attack is $1.79. There aren’t many top-level games here, but Spore is an easy recommendation to pick up at this price as it’s rarely on sale. MDK 2 HD is also a must for anyone who loved the original release back in the Dreamcast era.