The Humble Store Discounts Tons of Games

The Humble Store features some super-low prices on great games. Gone Home can be yours for $5, while the Red Faction Collection will set you back $12. Awesomenauts lives up to its name, and can be yours for only $3.33. Legend of Grimrock falls from $15 down to $3.75, while Euro Truck Simulator 2 is $6.24 down from $25. Shadow Warrior was recently discounted on a Steam sale, and can now be yours for $10 instead of $40. Don’t Starve is $9, while Dust: An Elysian Tail is $7.50. Europa Universalis IV is $20 instead of $40, Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine is $5 instead of $15, while Skullgirls is $10 and Rogue Legacy is $7.50. There are TWELVE PAGES of deals to sift through on the Humble Store right now, so head on over and get some personal gift-shopping done – or maybe pick up something for a friend who’s been wanting a particular game.