Best Buy and Selling Xbox One Titanfall Bundle For $450

Well, this is quite the surprise. As if getting the system and its best game for $500 wasn’t enough, Wal-Mart has decided to sweeten the pot even more by dropping $50 off the price. This means that for $450 (not counting tax), you’ll get $560 in overall value. Sure, it might not be quite as appealing due to Titanfall being a digital code and not a physical copy, but for right now, they cost the same so it’s still a $60 value. This is a website-only deal, so if you’ve got a ton of money socked away in Paypal, you could use it to snatch this up and enjoy some next-gen FPS action for the lowest price yet.

Edit – After our initial post, Best Buy got in the act as well. If you’re a Rewards Zone member and would like to build up a solid amount of points with one purchase, this is a good way to do so.