Wayward Souls is Amazon’s Free App of the Day

Normally, a free Amazon app is going to be $1, or maybe $2. For April 11 though, they’ve decided to make a $6 game free. Wayward Souls is a must for anyone who loves the Souls series and also has an affinity for overhead Legend of Zelda games. It’s essentially a hybrid of them both and it plays wonderfully. Anyone with an OUYA will be happy to learn that it’s actually fully playable using the gamepad by default without any customization needed.

All you have to do is sideload the Amazon Appstore APK and then download this game. The timing of this becoming free is rather hilarious, as I just got it to work sideloaded because it seems to be one of many games that went from not working with a controller to suddenly doing so when the Fire TV devices were released. This is a tough game, but a fair one and you’ll learn what to and not to do as you progress.