Weekly PS Store Update Goes Live

This week’s PSN store update is a big one for PS4 owners with flOw and Pinball Arcade hitting the system. While the former is a cross-buy game, the latter sadly is not – but all of the tables can be tried for free, so you can at least give it a shot and see if the PS4 version’s visual flourishes are worth re-buying tables for.  On the PS3 side of things, The Walking Dead Season 2: Episode 1 hits for $15, while Minecraft is now available for $20, Toki Tori can be yours for $5, and AABS Animals provides pet-lovers a passive gaming experience for $5. $10 can get you Mutant Mudds Deluxe as a cross-buy game with the Vita.

Sony under-performing portable also brings with it Terraria for $15, its own version of flOw, Runner 2, Eufloria HD, Furmins, Sparkle, and the cross-buy version of Mutant Mudds Deluxe. PS3 bundles include the 9-in-1 Mega Bundle for $3, Foosball 2012 Ultimate Foosball Bundle for $3 , the Grip Games Indie Bundle, the Record of Agarest Series Bundle with three games for $50, and the Rain Holiday Bundle that gets you the game, a holiday theme, and the OST for $15. This week’s free PS+ game is Dyad on the PS3, which we loved. Sale prices for PS+ users include Far Cry 3 for $18, its Ultimate Edition for $21, Hitman: Blood Money HD for $4.25, Guacamelee in a cross-buy pickup for an unbeatable $3.75, God of War Ascension for $10, Knytt Underground (cross-buy) for $2.50, PixelJunk Shooter 2 and PixelJunk Sidescroller for $2.50 each, while Limbo will set you back $3.75 on the Vita and PS3.

Beat Hazard Ultra will only cost you $2.50, and is a must for twin-stick shooter fans with a ton of music on their PS3 hard drives, while Deadpool offers a day or two of fun for its $24 price tag. $33 gets you Angry Birds Star Wars on either the PS3 or Vita, so now, that price doesn’t even get you both versions, while Just Dance 2014 is $30 and LEGO Marvel Super Heroes is down to $24 on the Vita.  Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z gets a demo on the PS3 and Vita, while Minecraft gets one on the PS3, Terraria and Sparkle get one on the Vita.