Wii U Fit Meter Half-Off at Frys, Unlocks Full Wii Fit U Game for Free

Did you know Wii U had its own fitness game? Well it does and it just came out recently for trial. While the balance board is still the centerpiece of the experience, the Wii U Fit Meter brings it outside of the living room by tracking your daily activity and then syncing it to the Wii U to provide an accurate snapshot of your total daily expenditures.

The device launched at $19.99 last November, but it can now be yours for half of that thanks to Frys Electronics. The Wii U Fit Meter is currently in-stock for shipping at just $9.99 plus $1.99 extra for shipping. In-store pick-up is also available to waive the shipping cost for those who have one of the electronic store behemoths nearby.

Better yet, buying the Fit Meter will snag you a free copy of the game. Simply download the game before January 31, sync the Fit Meter with it and use the game forever at no additional charge. More information here.

A much better option than buying the fifty dollar game/Fit Meter bundle due to release next month.