Yet Another ATLUS eShop Sale, A.K.A the Turn-On-Your-3DS-and-Buy-These-Games-Immediately Sale

If it seems like ATLUS was just running an eShop sale, that’s because they were. Nevertheless, they’re at it again with a compilation of titles selling well under their retail price. And by “well under their retail price,” we actually mean 30 percent off! For those who don’t have an infinity for math, that makes each game $19.99! That pricing even beats Amazon’s. Talk about a feat! Regardless, the following three titles are up for grabs:

The trifecta will be on sale until January 20, so be sure to pick them up before the deadline. While Code of Princess flew under our radar upon its launch, feel free to click on each game for Hardcore Gamer’s review of them if you’re wanting some insight on what to expect.