Dear Villagers Announces Roguelike Action Platformer ScourgeBringer

Continuing on with the reveal of new games coming out of Playdius’ rebranding as Dear Villagers, we now have the reveal of ScourgeBringer, courtesy of developers Flying Oak Games. A 2D roguelike action platformer, we follow the adventures of Khyra, a woman with a simple task. Namely, that of infiltrating an Eldritch monolith capable of destroying the world and learning its secrets. So you know, no biggie. And you can check out SourgeBringer in all of its retro-styled, action-packed glory in the teaser below.

Notably, while ScourgeBringer draws inspiration from metroidvania games in terms of gameplay, it isn’t a more roguelike metroidvania game along the lines of Sundered or Chasm. Instead, there’s no backtracking here, with new procedural combinations of challenge rooms each time. Armed with a combat drone and a sword, Khyra will have to blast through these areas with some fast-paced action. It looks like a simple yet impressive blend of genres that suggests a good challenge, so consider us impressed. No release window yet, but ScourgeBringer is set for a PC release later. Expect Hardcore gamer to cover more details on the game as they come, naturally.