Death Stranding Receives Album, Title Song, New Promo Trailer

Hideo Kojima isn’t exactly a stranger to making his games resemble Hollywood productions, right down to games such as Metal Gear Solid V having a full-on licensed soundtrack. For Death Stranding, though, Sony Interactive and Kojima Productions will be taking things one step further. The publisher and developer will be teaming up with RCA Records to release Timefall (named after the mysterious in-game rainfall), an entire album of original music provided by several popular artists, chosen for their ability to create songs that fit the game’s themes.

The first of these artists to have one of their songs revealed in full would be CHVRCHES, the Scottish electro-pop group that certainly has experience in composing original music for games, having previously provided the theme for Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst. And it looks like they’ll be giving us yet another theme song, or at least the title track. You can listen to their new song “Death Stranding” below.

The full track listing for Timefall was released, and contains some notable names, as seen here:

1. Major Lazer x Khalid – “Trigger”

2. Au/Ra x Alan Walker – “Ghost”

3. CHVRCHES – “Death Stranding”

4. The Neighbourhood – “YELLOW BOX”

5. The S.L.P. – “Meanwhile…In Genova”

6. Bring Me the Horizon – “Ludens”

7. Flora Cash – “Born in The Slumber”

8. MISSIO – “Sing to Me”

In addition to the news about the tie-in album, a new promotional trailer was released for the game, which you can check out below. It’s a quick cinematic clip, but it does show off some of the hazards our protagonist Sam will face in his journey to reconnect America. Death Stranding comes out on November 8 for PS4, so stay tuned for our coverage of its launch.