Deathloop Delayed to September

Game delays are common, especially these days, given the still-ongoing pandemic. But it still stings a bit to hear that Deathloop is now being delayed from its initial May 21 release date to September. As Game Director Dinga Bakaba and Art Director Sebastien Mitton explain in the tweet below, the decision was a hard one for Arkane Lyon, but the extra time is needed to both ensure that the game is of the highest quality while also making sure everyone working on the game remains in good health during this final stretch of development.

Deathloop’s new release date will be September 14, when it will hit the PS5 as a timed console exclusive, as well as the PC. Centered around a time loop, the game sees you trying to assassinate eight “visionaries” in order to end the loop, figuring out how to get to them by utilizing knowledge gained from previous loops while avoiding their forces, which includes a fellow assassin out for your blood. Deathloop was named one of our most anticipated games of this year, so here’s hoping things still turn out well after this delay.