Deathloop Makes Its Debut on Xbox, Goldenloop Update is Live

Just over a year after its initial release for the PlayStation 5, Deathloop has finally made it to the Xbox Series X|S. Arkane fans based on Microsoft’s home console can finally partake in the developer’s latest effort, and it’s happening just in time for the Goldenloop update to take effect. What’s more, it’s available on Game Pass too.

The Goldenloop Update gives players more ability to play with their friends by adding cross-play, and beefs up the arsenals of both Cole and Julianna. Those working to take down Blackreef as Cole get the new “Halps Prototype” beam weapon, a new confusion ability called “Fugue” and new two-in-one trinkets.  Meanwhile, Julianna is getting four new ability upgrades, one of which enables her to track Cole through the NPCs.

Deathloop is available now for PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. Be sure to check out our full review and see what all is included in just the basic package.