Deathloop Offers Up a Puzzle To Solve in New Trailer

Deathloop made quite the impression when it was first unveiled during E3 2019, and an arguably bigger impression when it was shown as a console exclusive during the last PS5 showcase.  Unfortunately, the current state of the world meant that Deathloop would be delayed until 2021, meaning we wouldn’t be able enjoy Arkane Lyon’s latest during the initial PS5 launch window. But it would appear as though Sony has faith in the game as a potential killer app for the PS5, as seen with it’s appearance during today’s new PS5 showcase, where it got to show off even more of its gameplay.

Trapped on the isle of Blackreef, our protagonist Colt has to kill eight different “visionaries” in order to break the ongoing time loop and escape. But as seen in the gameplay video below (which also provides a look at different areas and enemies of Blackreef), trying to get to all of them in a single day won’t be easy. As Colt points out, finding a way to kill all of the visionaries is a bit of a puzzle, and going after them one by one may not be the best strategy. So players will have to use the time loop to their advantage, gaining facts and knowledge they can use. In this case, for example, shutting down an experiment that Egor is working on means he doesn’t get a breakthrough, which causes him to attend the party of another visionary, Aleksis, where you can kill them both at the same time. As the clip’s title says, two birds, one stone.

The rest of the gameplay shown in the trailer gives us even more of the first-person action Arkane is known for in games such as Dishonored and Prey, and gives us one final look at the rival assassin other players can control. It looks quite impressive, so here’s hoping Deathloop is an amazing treat on both the PS5 and PC when it comes out in Q2 2021.

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