Deathloop Sights-In On Deeper Immersion with DualSense

While Deathloop’s main selling points are certainly its gunplay and time-looping mechanic, that doesn’t mean Arkane Studios is neglecting other important aspects. Indeed, this time-bending project is definitely still looking great in terms of art direction, and now eager fans can get an idea of just how Deathloop will include interesting features like the DualSense controller’s haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. If the game’s newest trailer is anything to go by, they’re used quite a bit.

As seen in the video, Deathloop will be doing a lot to leverage the DualSense’s unique capabilities. The adaptive triggers will lend a different feel to different guns and will also attempt to simulate events like jamming or other malfunctions. The controller’s haptic feedback system will complement how Colt moves on screen and potentially also help players gauge how much noise they’re making.

The speaker is also seeing some use; it appears it’ll be used to play background dialog or other non-critical audio. Chances are that none of this is all that necessary for Deathloop’s success, but sometimes these little details can make a significant difference.

Deathloops launches on September 14 for PC and PlayStation 5.