Death’s Door Now Available on Consoles, PC

Devolver Digital has one of the most robust lineups on the market – and a quirky sense of humor is featured in a lot of their games, including their latest release in Death’s Door. This unique isometric action game features a blend of short-range combat and puzzle-solving with a touch of pattern memorization thrown in. The gothic look helps it stand out and the mix of short-range and long-range bow and arrow attacks help keep the action fresh. With a varied gameplay style that mixes up attack types alongside puzzles to solve and ensures the adventure doesn’t get old. Players can also adjust their stats over time and change up their strengths as the game goes on.

It’s a solid-looking game with a consistent world design that holds up nicely either in docked or handheld mode on the Switch. The flat-shaded world is tremendous to look at and Death’s Door sounds fantastic too. The Switch version is a great pickup for anyone craving a new isometric adventure anywhere, but owners of the PC version or higher-end consoles will enjoy better-looking visuals. Death’s Door is available on Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, and PC now via Steam.