Death’s Gambit and Phantom Doctrine Released on GOG

GOG is the best way to get DRM-free games in the modern era, especially if you’re a fan of older PC games. It’s easy to forget that they also have many modern releases on their platforms, with some games getting day one releases on both Steam and GOG. Given the company’s DRM-free nature, it is riskier for publishers to release games day one, but those that do are rewarded with the knowledge that they are providing players with an experience they can enjoy entirely offline. Today sees two brand-new releases get a day one release with both Phantom Doctrine and Death’s Gambit hitting their digital shelves.

Phantom Doctrine is a turn-based sci-fi strategy game with a thriller movie motif. It’s set during the Cold War and aims to capture the intrigue of spy films – and with a dark film noir-style look. The game features a 40+ hour campaign and flexible combat and large battlefields. You can either go out in the open or go in the shadows for a more stealth-inspired approach. You can play the game from two perspectives – as either a former KGB operative or a renegade CIA commando – offering multiple angles to see the storyline unfold.

Death’s Gambit offers up a Metroidvania-inspired approach with a lush art style. While so many games in the genre go for a 16-bit approach, Death’s Gambit goes for something that gives you a 32-bit level of graphical fidelity and color. The game has been highly-anticipated since its initial release announcement, and with the Metroidvania sub-genre gaining so much traction over the past few years, Death’s Gambit has a chance to truly shine. Phantom Doctrine features a launch discount of 10% bringing it to $35.99. Death’s Gambit has no launch discount, but will only set you back $19.99 – offering a lot of content for a fairly small pricetag.