Deathstate Summons a Steam Release Date From the Infinite Dark Abyss

Deathstate popped up as one of those pleasant, unexpected gaming surprises earlier this spring, and now it’s just about ready to stalk the bullet-infested halls of the gap between life and death.  Or Steam.  One of those two.  The point is it’s got a release date of October 20th, which is just far off enough to seem like forever while still being worryingly close, because wasn’t it summer a few minutes ago?

Deathstate is a game inhabiting a nearly-nonexistent genre that could actually use some attention, and that’s the auto-firing shooter.  The last one I can remember is Neon Wars, reviewed way, way back in the February 2007 issue of Hardcore Gamer Magazine.  (-Tangent- you can still check out the Neon Wars demo over here via the orange “Download shareware version” link below the logo.  It was designed for lower-resolution monitors, though so it’s super-twitchy. -End tangent-)  The way it works is that you control motion and the game auto-fires, targeting the nearest enemy for you.  It’s a system that sounds like it would take control away from the player but, when done right, works really well.  Plus, being a roguelike, Deathstate has a good number of powerups to find that you can activate as you’d like, some of which are new and exciting(ly squishy) internal organs.  The Deathstate preview build showed off an enjoyably bizarre non-shooting shooter, and if the .gifs from the developer Twitter are anything to go by, it’s only gotten bigger and meaner in the intervening months.