Deceit Launches Terrifying Halloween Event

The macabre world of Deceit gets spookier today with this year’s Halloween event. The event starts today and will run through November 8. 32 new cosmetics are available during the Halloween 2021 event, including the Lengendary Vampire Lord terror skin, Witch Lisa outfit and other Halloween-themed items including accessories, weapons, poses and more. Additionally, last year’s Halloween cosmetic items were added to the vault, giving players another chance to get the event-limited cosmetics such as the Legendary Medusa Nina and Zombie Bride Lisa outfits. There will also be 25 Halloween specific challenges added to the Labyrinth. During the spookiest time of the year, Halloween Tokens will be replacing Normal Tokens that can be purchased and redeemed at the Booth for random cosmetic rewards.

Halloween is meant to be scary but it wouldn’t be Halloween without candy. Candy treats will be available in each map during a match which can be collected to be redeemed for cosmetics and tokens. A Bonus Ticket Weekend will boost tickets earned during matches by an additional 50 percent will be live from October 30 to November 1. Today’s update also introduces a new Item Upgrade system which allows players to modify the functionality and appearance of items obtained during matches, starting with a series of Halloween-exclusive upgrades.

Lastly, the Halloween Mega Bundle has been added to the in-game shop. It’s available for $9.99 / £7.99 and contains the following content:

– Event-exclusive Beelzebub Experiment terror skin
– 10x Halloween Tokens
– 1x of each Halloween Item Upgrade
– Pumpkin Head (Tracker)
– Sugar Rush (Antidote)
– Ghostly (Armour)
– Explosive (Lethal Injection)
– Jack-in-the-box (Trap)