December Playstation Store Flash Sale Is On

Hello, friends, and Merry Christmas! To those who don’t celebrate, I hope that you are having a nice, relaxing day. While waiting for my newly acquired copy of Hyrule Warriors (ahem… squee) to update and listening to Pig vs Primitive Race (to truly capture the holidays), I decided to check out the Playstation Blog. They have some good stuff going on.

For those who didn’t quite get what they were hoping for, there are some hefty discounts on a mass of AAA titles.For example, the superlative The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is going for $25.00 and Minecraft: Story Mode season pass is going for $17.49. I recommend that PS players give this a look as they are sure to find something to tickle their fancy. There’s movies and stuff, too, for anyone who wants to just chill. In the meantime, happy holidays and long live the blue flesh. (Sorry, the music is stuck in my head.)

Playstation Flash Sale 1