Decisions Can Have Major Consequences in Weird West

A new trailer for Weird West was released today. This time, the spotlight is on player decisions and some of the potential consequences that can flow out from them. Indeed, many games tout “impactful decisions” as a key feature, but this one seems to be carrying it a bit further than most.

It’s looking like players will have quite a lot of freedom in Weird West. They can befriend (and betray) a lot of characters, and it’s looking like those characters will indeed know if the player does something to place or another person that’s connected to them. Players can even go so far as to wipe out entire towns, only to return later and see it transformed into a literal ghost town. One wonders how doing so would be advantageous, but the point is that option is there for those that want it.

Weird West launches for PC, Xbox and PlayStation systems on March 31.