Deck-Building Roguelike A Long Way Down Now in Early Access

Deck-building games are hot right now, and developers Seenapsis Studio are ready to take the next big step when it comes to their entry into this crowded field, A Long Way Down. With a little assistance from Goblinz Studio, the roguelike RPG is now available in Early Access for all to check out. Playing as an adventurer named Sam, the game sees you trying to escape a diabolical maze, picking up potential allies and party members along the way, alongside memories of what caused Sam to wind up here in the first place…and which may end up shaping what moral choices he takes.

Gameplay-wise, though, the cards you gather also literally shape the path you follow. As seen in the trailer below, cards aren’t just used for combat purposes, as they also play a part in constructing the paths you can take when exploring each floor in the maze. The current Early Access version contains around forty cards, three playable characters, and a dozen monsters, and should have about two to three hours of gameplay. It’s set to be in Early Access for four to eight months, so we can expect more content coming for the game in that time. But if this looks like a rather unique deck-builder that’s up your alley, you can pick up A Long Way Down right now for PC.