Deck13’s The Surge 2 Releasing This September

Deck13’s second crack of the Action RPG whip — or at least second so far as sci-fi orientated attempts go — in the form of The Surge 2, will release this coming September, publisher Focus Home Interactive have today announced. The game, which sees the limb-targeting combat and exploration of the original vacate the confines of the CREO labs, and into a more diverse city setting which, the developers claim, sports “larger and more ambitious level design”.

As you would expect from a sequel, there are new additions to the roster of weapons, exo-suits, abilities and implants to unlock with the game’s limb-targeting system planning to be “more brutal and tactical than ever”. The Surge 2 will launch across PS4, Xbox One & PC on September 24. You can check how the sequel is shaping up in the below gameplay video.