Deep Silver Announces DLC Plans for Shenmue III

It’s hard to believe that it’s been two months since the release of Shenmue III. This adventure was nearly two decades in the making and continues Ryo Hazku’s adventure as she searches for not only Lan Di, his father’s killer, but also strengthens his bond with Shenhua. The game features the return of not only her, but Ren Wuying and the debut of new characters like Wei Zhen. Today, Deep Silver alongside Ys Net announced DLC plans for the game that take the group in a new direction.

Players will be able to choose from any of these characters in an exciting foot race to win prizes. You can also do this while searching for Bailu-chan to get buffs during the race. The DLC launches on January 21 for both the PlayStation 4 and PC via Epic Games Store for $7.99. If you already bought the Complete DLC Collection, you will have it available on your respective storefront on the day of release.