Demo for Hack-and-Slash Fantasy Adventure Soulstice Arrives on Steam

if you’ve read any of our own Chris Shive’s previews for Soulstice over these past couple of months, then you should be excited. The hack-and-slash fantasy game centered around two sisters reborn as a hybrid warrior known as a Chimera tasked with protecting their city from a tear in the sky has sounded absolutely fantastic so far, blending together the best parts of various action games with a unique world and character designs. But while Chris was able to get his hands on it, what about the rest of us? Well, Modus Games and developers Replay Game Studios have us covered, as it was announced earlier during today’s Gamescom 2022 edition of the Future Games Show that a demo of the game is now available on Steam for everyone to check out.

Accompanying news of the demo is a quick new trailer, showcasing one of the game’s cinematic sequences as our protagonists Briar and Lute come across a rather tricky foe known as Arrowhead. This is just the tip of the iceberg for our duo when it comes to the game’s twisted foes, though, and only a mere crumb of the game’s story. Soulstice arrives for PC, XSX, and PS5 on September 20, and the new demo should hopefully be enough to tide players over until then.