Demo For The Almost Gone Available During Steam Game Festival

So the Steam Game Festival: Summer Edition is likely to have many, many titles with demos to try out, and even though the event lasts a whole week, selecting what to play may prove to be slightly difficult. But there are indeed certain games that stand out easily, such as The Almost Gone, a narrative puzzle game from developers Happy Volcano. The entire first chapter will will be playable for the first time as part of the festival, likely active on Steam just soon after you read this.

A tale of death, loss, and mental health, the game has you going over various dioramas in order to search for clues about a tragic death that occurred. Namely, your own. You play as a young girl trapped between life and death that’s exploring their empty home, finding the secrets behind their demise, and learning just how dark things eventually got. You check out the trailer below from last year for more, or go and check out the demo on Steam, and if you really like what you see, you pick up The Almost Gone on June 25 for PC, iOS, and Android.