Demo Released For Necromancy Action RPG The Unliving

In this particular day and age, it can feel like demos only get a notable amount of attention during events such as Steam Next Fest that center around hordes and hordes of demos. So it was a nice surprise to hear that Team17 and developers RocketBrush Studio have released a demo for their upcoming necromancy-themed action RPG game The Unliving. The demo is now available on Steam for all to check out before it enters Early Access next year.

This tale of a necromancer exacting their revenge upon the living will see players resurrecting and commanding massive hordes of various monsters (not to mention sacrificing them in order to cast powerful spells) across procedurally generated worlds filled with action-packed roguelike gameplay. The demo will allow players to try one one of the game’s levels with one boss challenge, plus forty abilities and upgrades to try out. It’s a taste of things to come before the game’s initial release sometime in 2022, and one likely worth checking out for those who are fans of the macabre and those looking for a nice little burst of chaos thanks to some rather huge armies, so enjoy.

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