Demons Ate My Neighbors Aims to Blend 16-Bit-Inspired Thrills With Twin Stick Action

Zombies Ate My Neighbors was a 16-bit classic and one of the best co-op 2-player experiences of that era. Today, Tee Lopes announced today that he will be handling the composition for Demons Ate My Neighbors, which aims to be a more modern twin-stick take on it. Instead of saving your neighbors from zombies and mummies and giant babies, you’ll save them from demons, giant clowns, and creepy cheerleaders. ZAMN is one of my favorite games ever, and has held up nicely over time.

DAMN aims to offer up fast-paced action and looks to build on the ZAMN foundation quite nicely. There have been a lot of ZAMN-alikes on the market, and the game has remained popular in the ROM hacking community as well. There has always been a desire for more of something like that game, and with LucasArts being done for and the game seemingly being in licensing limbo, it’s great to see its spirit live in some form with Demons Ate My Neighbors. We’ll be keeping a close eye on DAMN as its release draws closer.