Destruction AllStars Delayed Until February – Launching on PS Plus

Sony has announced that the highly-anticipated PlayStation 5 launch title Destruction AllStars has been pushed back to February of 2021 – but with a caveat that may work out in the game’s favor in the long run. While the game was originally set for the PS5’s launch this November, it has been pushed back to February 2021 – and it will launch on PlayStation Plus and be available there for two months. This should work out nicely for the game in the long run as it will give it a much longer install base to draw from and that should bode well for it to have a longer tail.

Games that launch on PS+ generally wind up working out better in the long run for it, as we’ve seen with games like Rocket League and more recently, Fall Guys gaining a lot of traction by being part of that service. The loss of this game at launch is in theory a blow to the PS5’s launch, but realistically, as someone who was hyped to play this more than anything else, I’d rather have this game to play for a longer period of time than to play it earlier and wind up with a shorter shelf life. We’ll be getting more info on this multiplayer-centric driving/insanity hybrid next week.