Destruction AllStars Primed for PlayStation 5

Since its inception, the PlayStation family has been home to many great destruction-themed games. The North American PS1 launch window featured Destruction Derby, while the PS2 featured entries in that series, while the PS3 featured plenty of mayhem with things like the Twisted Metal games. The PS4 has been quiet on vehicular insanity and now we’re going to see a bit of a hybrid between demolition derby and platforming. The PSVR game RIGS has a similar sports-themed vibe to it, only instead of being a human basketball, you’re putting yourself in harm’s way at all time in different ways.

The game showcases not only car vs. car action, but on-track hazards and the usage of folks darting around without vehicles. This evokes a bit of Titanfall where you can excel either in a craft or outside of one, only with a super-colorful world that would be right at home in Sunset Overdrive. Destruction Allstars looks like of the most interesting games in terms of its sheer concept and the speed of everything combined with all the action looks like something you couldn’t fully pull off on current-gen hardware.

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