Details Emerge About Sonic & Mario at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 Story Mode

The Sonic & Mario series has done something that people have wanted since the early ’90s by combining that era’s two biggest gaming icons – but done so in a unique way. Since the Wii, these franchises have gone to friendly war in Olympic-themed events. They’re usually just event-based, but the next incarnation features a story mode dubbed Tokyo 64. In it, Bowser and Dr. Eggman join forces to pull everyone in the game inside a video game version of the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. The mode features a slew of mini-game options and goals and will feature 10 different 2D event types. You can enjoy karate, hurdles, gymnastics, judo, and volleyball among others in 2D. The game as a whole will feature 10 2D events and 21 3D events, including things like boxing, discus, soccer, surfing, swimming, able tennis, and archery – so there will be a ton of variety. The game will be coming out November 5 for $59.99.

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