Details for The City Revealed for NBA 2K22

NBA 2K22 is slated to launch on Friday and 2K has revealed what to expect in The City for the game. The City is the open area where you will build MyPLAYER and complete objectives to help bolster your character. The City will only be available in the current generation of the game, while The Neighborhood will make its return on the previous generation. A focus on The City is gearing away from the actual basketball portion with the ability to complete solo missions to help launch an off-the-court side hustle ranging from hip hop artist to fashion mogul.

Players can expect more life from NPCs in The City this year that will help the vibe of the world. Last year, there were a lot of empty streets that didn’t feel natural. Making an underlying return to 2K is The Crib as players can upgrade their living quarters as players and coaches will provide additional quests. New buildings will be added in The City including a Matchmaking Building and Club 2K. Club 2K will allow access to the ever-changing soundtrack in NBA 2K22. Lastly, rewards will grant new ways to get around The City including go-karts and inline skates.

For the previous-generation version of NBA 2K22, players in The Neighborhood will actually hop aboard a yacht. The Cancha del Mar will offer a variety of ship deck levels with various basketball activities. Seasons will also offer new excursions that take place in tropical and recognizable locations. Each Season will offer fresh new content for players that includes unique events.

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