Details Given for Splatoon 3 Special Weapons

Last week during the latest Nintendo Direct, we received a huge look into Splatoon 3. Lots of information was gathered and it’s pretty exciting to see so many new changes. One section of the video showed off new special weapons and today more details were revealed.

Nintendo posted a couple of Tweets with descriptions and screenshots. First up is the Crab Tank for Inklings to pilot. It can shoot in rapid-fire mode or a wide blast cannon. Roll into an enclosed ball form which is faster than walking and can climb walls. Using this will probably allow teams to plow through enemy territory. Another special is the Zipcaster which covers Inklings in ink for a stealthy appearance. Tentacles can reach distant walls allowing you to quickly traverse the field. When time runs out you are returned to the spot where transformation took place. Use it launch a sneak attack from above.

There are more specials included in Splatoon 3 but we’ll have to wait on those for another time. Check out images below for a closer look.


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