Details on Final Fantasy XV’s Mysterious Black-Haired Woman Have Been Revealed

Square Enix has revealed a plethora of new information on Final Fantasy XV during their active time report at TGS.

That mysterious black-haired woman you’ve been wondering about, well she’s finally been revealed and her name is Gentiana. Not much information was given on her backstory, but according to the developer, she will play an important role in the game’s story.

In addition, there was also story details about Regis and Noctis.

Final Fantasy XV focuses on the war in the nation of Nifelheim. The father and son live in the country of Lucis, which has maintained its independence from other nations due to the crystal it possess. To protect the crystal, Regis uses his powers to put up a shield around the city, which in turn ages him.

There was also information on the character Luna, an oracle who can communicate with the gods. Not only is she the youngest oracle ever, but she also has a connection to Noctis. Square said that they would reveal more information on the relationship at a later date.

Its been a long time coming, but Final Fantasy XV’s release date will be revealed at a special event in March. Luckily for everyone, there will be a simultaneous worldwide release.

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