Detroit: Become Human Surpasses 20 Million Hours of Playtime, 1.5 Million Users

Detroit: Become Human has surpassed over twenty million hours of playtime and been accessed by over 1.5 million users worldwide.

That’s according to developer Quantic Dream, who today shared the statistics on Detroit’s Twitter page.

The tweet does not confirm the exact sales for Detroit, suggesting that it’s only the number of people to have played the studio’s interactive adventure title.

Hardcore Gamer has reached out to Sony and Quantic Dream for comment and will update this story as soon as we hear back.

Quantic Dream’s latest title was revealed at Sony’s Paris Games Week press conference in 2015.

Detroit is based on the studio’s 2012 PlayStation 3 tech demo, Kara, and has players exploring the different stories of three androids: Kara, Connor and Markus.

Detroit’s writer and director, David Cage, said that it was the “most advanced title ever produced” by Quantic Dream.

It was released as an exclusive for PlayStation 4 in May.

Hardcore Gamer praised Quantic Dream for its efforts on Detroit, saying in our review that it has an “endearing story that verges on the profound, diving deep into the nature of humanity itself. It proves that interactivity and focused storytelling aren’t mutually exclusive and that the two can enhance each other given a proper degree of talent behind the scenes.”

Editor’s note: Hardcore Gamer did not receive a response from Sony.