Devolver and Ronimo Games Unveil Blightbound

Last week, Awesomenauts developers Ronimo games teased a partnership with Devolver Digital that would be revealed this week. Since then, all we had to work with when guessing what to expect was a single logo and an ominous background. But now the curtain has been lifted, and we get to see the fruits of this partnership: Blightbound. Once again, Ronimo is set to deliver a hefty multiplayer game with hand-painted visuals and a lot of action, but as seen in the teaser below, the focus has shifted to dungeon crawling this time around.

Set in a fantasy land, Blightbound takes place after a group of legendary heroes have defeated the evil Shadow Titan…only to discover that his defeat set loose the Blight, a corrupting fog that alters living things that get exposed to it. Now, playing as one of twenty unique heroes (all belonging to either the mage, warrior, or assassin class), you and your party descend from your mountain base to try and fight the various evils now plaguing everything. Supporting either local or online play, Blightbound is set to be an ever-expanding game with new dungeons, heroes, items, upgrades and more to be added via free updates. And we’ll get our first taste of the game sometime later this year, when it enters Early Access on PC.

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