Devolver and Vile Monarch Unveil Marijuana Tycoon Game Weedcraft Inc

The debate surrounding legalized marijuana has been ongoing for decades now, especially in the United States. It’s a tricky subject to tackle, and one you might not initially expect any publisher or developer to handle. But then you have Devolver Digital. Always the mavericks of the game industry, Devolver is teaming of with developers Vile Monarch to bring us Weedcraft Inc, a simulation game about running your own marijuana empire.

Compared to the likes of other games where marijuana usage is played more for laughs, Weedcraft Inc actually aims to be a more serious take on the subject. The announcement trailer below shows bits of the gameplay and various tasks involved in selling cannabis, interspersed with real-life footage. Players will have to properly grow and cultivate strains of marijuana, deal with other dealers, police, and local politicians, or find various channels that lead to legalization, among other things, alongside traditional tasks such as managing resources and employees. Weedcraft Inc is due out for PC in 2019, and should definitely result in something interesting, to say the least.