Devolver Digital and Doinksoft Announce Gunbrella

Devolver Digital and developers Doinksoft already have their big release planned for this year with Demon Throttle, but during today Indie World presentation, the duo revealed that they’re already planning something bigger for next year as well. Their next game is called Gunbrella, which…well, honestly, you shouldn’t need to know anything beyond that to get excited for it. After all, what more would you need? Are there people actually so jaded that they’ll turn down anything titled “Gunbrella?” The heartless fiends. All you need is merely “Gunbrella,” it’s a fact.

…Okay, fine, apparently we are required to provide details about the actual game as well. The name “Gunbrella” alone should be its big selling point, but the actual game does indeed look impressive, though. You play as a woodsman out for revenge that wields the titular Gunbrella, a Penguin-style gun/umbrella hybrid that doubles as a weapon and a means of traversal. Described as a “noir-punk” side-scrolling action-adventure game, Gunbrella sees you traversing a world ravaged by corporate exploitation while battling crooks, cultists, and massive supernatural creatures, and interrogating them in between all of the action. The game is set to come out in 2023 for the Switch and PC, and should definitely be on your radar already because again, “Gunbrella.”

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