Devolver Digital Announce Riotous Survival Game SCUM

Developed by Gamepires in cooperation with Croteam (whom you might recognise as behind both the Serious Sam series and last year’s acclaimed puzzler, The Talos Principle), Devolver Digital have today announced a brand new entry into the growing assembly of open World survival games. SCUM, as the developers describe, is the brainchild of the fictional TV network TEC1’s lucratively popular trend for violent, bloodlust entertainment. Making its second season debut, SCUM can be regarded as a Hunger Games/Battle Royale/Running Man mash-up starring a multitude of new and returning “faces” battling for supremacy on the fictional island of Bagne de Cayenne, all of which broadcast for a live audience to watch.

In-game, players will need to manage both their physical and skill-based stats to stay on top and survive — balancing progression where need-be while using a mix of cunning and strategy to take out fellow contestants. Speaking on the project, developers Gamepires claim SCUM is a step-up from the current flock of survival games on the market, stating that the game will feature “new, intricate systems behind common elements of the genre to produce exhilarating new gameplay scenarios.”

“We believe it will raise the bar of what is expected in a modern survival game moving forward,” Croteam CEO and SCUM producer Roman Ribaric explained. “Characters, environments, and even the players knowledge base are all dynamic and the changes in them can greatly effect the hierarchy of the island.” SCUM has been confirmed to launch first in Early Access on PC sometime in 2017.