Devolver Digital Bringing Old-School Platformer Witcheye to Mobile Devices

In an age where mobile gaming has a larger negative reputation surrounding it, it’s glad to see some publishers and developers are still supporting the platforms with unique portable games. Devolver Digital has notably supported mobile devices with several games in recent years, including the Reigns franchise, Spaceplan, Downwell, Umiro, and ports of games such as Minit. And now we can add old-school platformer Witcheye to that list. Coming from Peter Malamud Smith, best known as the co-creator of the NES Great Gatsby game, it looks like it might definitely be worth a look.

The game sees you playing as a witch, seeking revenge on a knight and wizard that stole her spell ingredients. Well, to be more accurate, you play as a floating eye that the witch has transformed themselves into. This allows them to zip across the fifty-plus fantasy levels via simple swipes and taps. It sounds simple and fun, especially when combined with amazing sprite art (as seen in the trailer below), so it should be interesting to see how Witcheye fares when it comes out for iOS and Android on August 15.