Devolver Digital Brings Painty Mob to Apple Arcade

Well, Apple Arcade is now available for all with access to iOS 13, and with it, we can see that Devolver Digital has prepared a whole quartet of games for the service. We’ve covered the other three games over the past ten days or so, but now we get to see the finale: Painty Mob. Coming from the one-man development team of FleePunk, Painty Mob sees you running around and splashing paint on everyone in order to liven up your world and the dull citizens within it, all while avoiding the ever-growing angry mob of said citizens that gets created.

You can check out Painty Mob in action via the trailer below, which shows off the isometric top-down gameplay and all of the colorful characters you’ll be playing as and dealing with, along with several unique hazards. Do well and chain together successful combos, and you can even score the points needed to unlockĀ  bonuses and even more insane ways to help out. Now, some of you who have followed Devolver for quite a while may find that this all looks familiar. That’s because a few years ago, Painty Mob was known as Gassy Mob while in development, where instead of paint, you peeved off a mob via…well, it should be obvious. We aren’t entirely sure why the change was made, but as long as the core gameplay still seems fun, we’re certainly happy to see Painty Mob out now.