DICE Confirms Largest Team Ever is Working on Battlefield, Announces Mobile Title

DICE today dropped some teases for their next Battlefield game, revealed all the studios working on the project, and that a mobile title is in development.

The next Battlefield game’s reveal is quickly coming up. After disappointing launches last-generation, the team at DICE are working hard and with other EA studios to ensure a smooth launch. The team has assembled the largest development team ever for a Battlefield game, which will hopefully ensure no trainwreck launches.

DICE leads development as usual. Working alongside them are Criterion and DICE LA. Finally, EA Gothenburg is working on the technology behind the game. All the teams are currently working on polishing and balancing. Though they didn’t reveal much, they did confirm that players can expect crazy, unexpected moment, game-changing destruction, and massive battles packed more players than ever before. This is achievable thanks to the power of the next-gen consoles and PCs. There was no mention about whether or not the game will still launch on PS4 and Xbox One.

Finally, DICE also announced that a standalone Battlefield title is in development for mobile platforms. The team is working closely with Industrial Toys to bring the Battlefield experience to phones and tablets in 2022. This will be a brand new experience and not the same title as this year’s Battlefield title.

The next Battlefield game is still scheduled to release holiday 2021. As per DICE’s words, expect the reveal to happen “soon.”

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